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The leading Polish manufacturer of aerodynamic packages for trucks and vans.

Heaters and Air conditioners

Freezing hands, feet and bad mood?

Get in to a warm car and take advantage of bonuses brought by WEBASTO heating.

Start your day with a smile! The environment and your car's engine will benefit too.

Webasto tests its products for the most inconvenient weather conditions to guarantee the best possible product to the customers.

Pleasant wartmth in one moment!

All Webasto heating programs work according to the same rules and are extremely efficient.

Webasto has been ' Best Brand” market leader for 5 years in a row.

It also has DEKRA certifications for quality.


It is more than just heating system!

Chills, frostiness, oven temperatures in your cabin-it is all past. Webasto will give you comfort over the winter and summer time. Comfort brought to you with low costs!


No frostiness-get in to your car and drive.

You don't have to get the frostiness out of your windows-it is past now.

Thanks to Webasto heating your day will start well.

From the early morning you will enjoy pleasant warmth in your car.


Remarkable climate for all seasons.

While your neighbor digs the car out of snow , you get in to your warm car thanks to Webasto heating. In summer it will give you comfort, cool temperature thanks to layover ventilation.


Excellent visibility and safety.

No frosted windows, no moisture inside the car, no more windows frosted from the inside. Clear visibility from the start.


Warmth from the start

There is a pleasant temperature inside your car from the moment you get in. Stiff fingers, chills, cold feet and cold seats are past now. You don't have to defrost your windows, put warm, uncomfortable while driving, clothes inside your car.



Fuel use increases insignificantly due to savings while starting already warm engine what compensates, almost completely ,increased fuel use during heating time.

How much does it really cost?

Webasto heating with gasoline engine: around 77 groszy( with gasoline price 4,50 PLN/litre and 20 minutes of heating time)

Webasto heating with diesel engine: around 46 groszy( with the price 4,25/liter and 20 minutes of heating time)


Webasto protects your engine

Starting your engine while cold exposes it to damage. Webasto heating reduces the risk of damage and lowers the usage.


Practical environment protection.

Webasto heating protects the engine, environment and saves the money. The emission of harmful substances is being decreased due to earlier start of the engine. With the petrol engine it is almost 40%.


How does already warmed up engine influences the environment?

  • about 21% lower emisssion of HC and Nox
  • about 44% lower emission of CO


Vehicle with diesel engine:

  • about 5% lower emission of HC and Nox
  • about 30% lower emission of CO.


Time saving....

Webasto heating saves your time. There is no need for defrosting your windows, preheating the engine. What is forbidden according to road traffic ordinance.


Comfortable operation.

There is a possibility to choose the kind of webasto heating operation system. Remote control system with the use of cell phone, timer-it is all possible! It will all give you quality and comfortable operation.


Intelligent ventilation system during summer.

There is more to Webasto heating system than only heating in winter.

In summer system gets the outside air in to the parked car and cools the vehicle interior.

Say goodbye to the oven temperatures and hot air!


Confirming competence and standards.
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