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The leading Polish manufacturer of aerodynamic packages for trucks and vans.

SPOJTRAK sleeping cabin

Spojtrak sleeping cabin for supply cars is innovative among other sleeping cabins manufacturers. It is a fusion of roof spoiler with sleeping cabin. Adjusted shape perfectly corresponds with the car and its body and creates a consistent unity.


Due to high level aerodynamics ,investment in our sleeping cabin reimburses exploitation costs after short term of use and brings fuel savings up to 15%. It also gives the owner the opportunity to save money on accommodation.

Spojtrak sleeping cabin has gone through specialized stress tests what indicates its safety and high quality. The internal parts of the cabin have been covered with thick upholstering which isolates and keeps warmth inside. The whole internal has been finished with velour.


The junction of sleeping cabin and spoiler has improved cabin's functionality.

The driver is able to sit up straight and during the day to sit down at the bed and straight up his legs. There are large luggage compartments over the driver's cabin, which are not interfering with the sleeping area of the car. There are three deep compartments under the mattress where there is enough space for the fridge.


By assembling two beds the driver and the passenger are able to sleep comfortably.

The independent lighting allows to use it separately, without interfering one another.

Thanks to the connection of spoiler and sleeping cabin the driver is able to make use of the factory pre-installed air conditioning which also cools the sleeping area.


The vast range of accessories allows to personalize cabins for customer's needs.

The most important assets of our cabins are: functionality, space, innovative solutions, high level of comfort and economy.


Standard amenities for SPOJTRAK sleeping cabins are:


  • thermal insulation upholstery

  • comfortable,8 cm thick, 60 cm wide mattress

  • velour upholstery

  • regulated ventilation grate

  • one bed

  • 12 V outlet

  • numerous compartments over the driver's cabin

  • large, ergonomic compartments under the bed


    Additional amenities:


  • layover heating

  • sleeping cabin spoiler( for large dimensions- 10, 20,30,40 height)

  • smoke detector

  • sliding roof

  • sleeping cabin piping with the space for halogens

  • sleeping cabin painting adjusted to the car's body color

  • regulating lamp

  • second bed


SPOJTRAK will bring to your car comfort, quality, functionality, and saving in one.

Many customers have already trusted us and appreciated our cabins.

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